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Masquerade : Albus and Clara

Clara nervously touched her hair again, feeling the jewel-encrusted pin that was holding half of her hair up. The rest of her dark hair was hanging in small curls around her face, which was done in a light makeup, courtesy of Annie. Clara never got dressed up, let alone put makeup on, but for some reason tonight was different. She wanted to feel beautiful, be beautiful for once in her life. Annie had also helped pick out the soft, ballerina-inspired dress that she was now wearing. According to Annie, it was a pale pink, almost tan in color, that was strapless on top, but suddenly bubbled into ruffles at just above her waist. It wasn’t a gown; the dress stopped at above her knees. But it was lovely, and Annie helped her accessorize the dress as well. A pair of nude heels, flower earrings with tiny diamonds in the middle of them, and the mask of course, the mask was nude as well- plain, but elegant, trimmed with ribbon, with a beautiful butterfly on the edge of it. Annie said she looked beautiful. Clara could only hope. She ran her fingers over the mask nice more, before finally putting it in her face, careful not to mess up her hair.

Standing on shaky legs, Clara took small steps as she felt her way out of the girls dorms and into the common room. She paused for a moment when she felt the heat of the fire touch her body. She was going to a ball with a wonderful boy, and she couldn’t be any happier. This was all too surreal. Dusting off her dress a final time, Clara reached for the door and pushed it open.

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